“Part scrappy, part sweet and wholly enjoyable, “The Lost Arcade” is a love letter to a vanished piece of New York, and a little wish for the future.”  
- The New York Times     

“The film meets the open door, come-as-you-are community on its own level, avoiding the forced, interwoven three-character structure that far too many works of American nonfiction seem obliged to employ.”
                               - The Village Voice                                  

“An enjoyable and nostalgic portrait of a bygone era and a local institution that has now lost the pungent atmospheric flavor that made it so unique.”
- The Hollywood Reporter

“A scrappy and ebullient documentary about the vanished video-game culture of New York City taps into the appeal of digital fun before digital life took over.”
- Variety

“Vincent’s direction is assured and not afraid of evocative flourishes of expressionism. It’s a startling piece of work”
- CriterionCast

“The Lost Arcade is a tender and moving documentary. Vincent exhibits a masterfully light touch throughout the film.”
- Slant Magazine

“This is a small gem of a film.”
- The Guardian

“That’s the greatest power and accomplishment of “The Lost Arcade.” It really does take us there and illustrate why this place mattered to so many people.”   3/4 Stars  

“Vincent never abandons the inquisitive sensibility that, along with the atmospheric camerawork and moodily game-inflected synth score, makes The Lost Arcade such a deeply felt and bittersweet experience.”
- Film Journal

“Surprisingly moving.”

“Vincent descends on his subject like an angel of mercy, casting light on the disenfranchised denizens that found in the arcade a home away from home.”
- San Diego Reader

“A gorgeous valentine to NYC’s last arcade.”
- KPBS, NPR                                                                                       

“Kurt Vincent and Irene Chin’s very sweet documentary employs the history of a clapped-out games arcade in lower Manhattan as a way to talk about the cultural homogenisation of big cities and capitalism’s incompatibility with diversity."
- Little White Lies Magazine

Named one of the “Top 10 Films at The 2016 International Film Fest Rotterdam"
- Little White Lies Magazine

“The lives and stories and dreams intersect with a beautiful cinematic lucidity."  
- Seattle's Northwest Film Forum