This is an experimental short film we had the privilege of making with photographer Rebekah Campbell, my brother Korey Vincent and his creative agency FEEL, and the actress and model Klara Kristin, who also provided an original song!

This film came together when Korey wanted to make something creative with Rebekah who wanted to make somethin' creative with Klara, who was game! And Irene and I were lucky to help them bring it to life.

26 Aries was cinematographer and edited it (and for real - it some of my favorite editing I've done).

Now go watch it already!


“Klara” starring Klara Kristin
Directed by Rebekah Campbell
Creative Direction: Feel / Korey Vincent
Cinematography/Editing/Sound: 26 Aries (Kurt Vincent + Irene Kim Chin)
Makeup: Sara Glick
Hair: Gonn Kinoshita
Fashion: Lisa Jarvis
Color: Michael Everett / Optic Films
Music: Brad Oberhoefer / Klara Kristin