Making this music video was a pure collaboration between us and Jovan. We did everything ourselves and are really happy with the result! Oh, and Sanjit Majumdar did an incredible job coloring it.

I met Jovan back in 2001 when I was 17. My friend Derek Dicenzo brought him to see my high school band play a show at some diy space in Columbus. Jovan has been a part of the Columbus music scene for a while including playing drums in Gaunt (look them up). Years later, I started going to his coffee shop Yeah, Me Too when I lived nearby. His skills as a roaster are impressive. I wanted to see how he did it so I once asked him if I could help or just hang out when he roasted - he simply said, “No.” I love that about Jovan. He always keeps it real. I don’t think he even has the ability to do otherwise.

Back around 2007, I brought my mom and dad to Jovan’s coffeeshop. They love coffee more than anyone I know so was excited for them to have some of Jovan’s coffee fresh from the French press. In the years since, my mom and dad have become regulars - and really, more than that - they’re friends.

When Jovan asked if we’d be interested in directing a video for a song off his latest album we said, “Maybe.” So we listened to it and right away were drawn to King, which just felt cinematic. It was easy to visualize it.

So we went to work with Jovan and created a story with characters that circulate the record and we went to work. We knocked it out over one weekend after Thanksgiving. It was cold and long hours. We love how it turned out. And the best part of it was getting to know Jovan better. I think we’re friends now. Yeah, I think that’s right.


Produced/photographed/edited by 26 Aries
Music/Characters/Wardrobe by Jovan Karcic
Story by 26 Aries + Jovan Karcic
Coloring by Sanjit Majumdar/Resurgent Media